Sports Journalism

Many sports fans dream of being a sports journalist -- perhaps, covering the Lakers for the Los Angeles Times or saying "He could go all the way" on ESPN's SportsCenter. But it's not as easy as it seems. And getting there is even more difficult. >> READ MORE

Sports J-Job Banks:
Opportunities for College Students:
Good Entry-level Jobs:
  • ESPN PA Trainee Program: low pay and awful hours but this 7-month program could lead to a job as a producer or manager.
  • Virginian-Pilot Internships: 6-month paid position as sports reporter at 170,000-circulation newspaper for recent college graduates.
  • BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme: offers 21 journalists six-month paid placements covering sports or news in London, Belfast, Glasgow and other U.K. bureaus.
  • On Sports: Tips and suggestions on how to cover sports by a sports journalist-turned-journalism professor.